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It started with a real challenge : Create awesome clothing we love, built to last and fairly priced - without compromising our beliefs.

I had one simple question: why was it so difficult to find fresh, unique, quality clothes which are made ethically? It seemed that you had to choose - a high-end modern aesthetic OR an ethical brand - so we set out to merge the two. Cool clothes that you can wear with prideand peace of mind, knowing they are made with no explotation of workers and no unneccesary destruction of our natural resources.

"How can I possibly make a difference?"

Mulling all this over on a rainy weekend, I created a minimal graphic poster designed purely to cheer people up. That poster went viral from my tumblr blog, with over 100,000 reblogs of the original post and travelled the world making people chuckle and smile along the way. Riding high on this encouragement I set about designing our first collection, featuring the Little Rebel graphic as our signature print. 

"Is it really possible to build a business on kindness?"

With our carefully curated jewellry and vintage collections, we’re growing in a lot of new ways, but we will always have at our core my passion for design, and my heartfelt desire to build a life and a new branch of the fashion industry based on kindness and compassion. Every single item is still personally designed, made or sourced by me, and we either hand make or finish & photograph everything in our studio. It has become a family affair with my husband Jon stepping in to help with finances, and keeping in line with our healthy inspiration policy we continue to use our lovely family and friends for modelling. We proudly produce things that we love and wear every day, and we look forward to a bright future in the beautiful new niche we've carved.