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Top Five Selfies Of All Time!

As far as selfies go this one is literally out of this world! NASA's Mike Hopkins selfie Christmas Eve, aboard the ISS.

As far as selfies go this one is literally out of this world! NASA's Mike Hopkins, 45, took the amazing snap on Christmas Eve, aboard the ISS. Simply awesome!


President Obama Selfie

President Obama here showing his fun side - now this is cool anyway because who doesn't like seeing world leaders goof around? But throw into the mix that he was doing it to promote healthcare and it ticks all the boxes.


Vivian Maier Self Portrait, Chicago 1959

How about this ethereal shot by Chicago's mid-century street photographer Vivian Maier? Creative, forward thinking and acutely insightful into the world around her, these subtle portraits of urban life have a timeless human quality, despite offering a beautiful candid revelation of urban life in that era.


A dark self-portrait by the English singer-songwriter Graham Nash.

Moody, intimate and a little erotic, this portrait channels Graham Nash's world of music and fame with the suggestion of loneliness, and being unseen in the first person perspective. Here is a dark, self reflecting portrait by the English singer and songwriter with more than a little to say about creativity and success. Or maybe he just really likes that pencil... What do you think?


Kim Kardashian & Cara Delevigne for the cover of Love Magazine, shot by Solve SundsboLast but not least, it simply wouldn't be right not to mention the modern day selfie queens, Kim Kardashian & Cara Delevigne snapped here for the cover of Love Magazine. While this isn't strictly a selfie, it's expertly shot by one of our true loves, Sølve Sunsbø. Cheat you say? Well yes, you are probably right, so here's the real number five ...


Anish Kapoor, most awesome selfie of all time?

For sheer creativity we rate this epic offering from Artist Anish Kapoor. Pretty darn amazing, and a little glimpse into his creative view on the world. But what about Ellen's Oscars selfie I hear you cry? Oh go on then, that was a pretty fine moment too!

 Ellen DeGeneres Awesome Oscar Selfie

 Which is your fave? Feel free to tweet us your own, we know we haven't seen them all! :D @Starley_Sparks




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