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Ten Treasures Every Mermaid Will Love

Why are we so mad about mermaids? Well we have a very magical and inspirational mermaid of our own. That's why we've put together out top ten shimmering style picks for all you sea loving sirens, because you only have one life, so why not add a splash of magic to it!

1.Crystal Shell Crowns

We absolutely LOVE these stunning shell crowns from what mermaid wouldn't feel her best in this beauty?! Each is hand made and unique, they make wedding and crystal Mermaid Crowns, festival Sets, and you can even build your own!

Chelsea floer crowns mermaid shell head piece


2. Fresh Kicks

Sequin Converse?! I hear you cry- YES! And in mermaid colours too! Available from your local Office Store, these beauties are great for kicking back and relaxing in style.

sequin converse


3. Mermaid Leggings

Perfect for parties or just dancing around the supermarket these Black milk mermaid leggings ar soo good you'll want to wear them everywhere. We have a few of their goodies at home and they really are the BEST! Made by passionate independant designers like us, you can find them here and they even do mermaid catsuits if you want to go full monty...

Black Milk Mermaid Leggings and Catsuit


4. Party Shoes

These Irregular choice Lazy River Mermaid editions are just gorgeous and not too high either so they are gentle on the delicate fins, and who wouldn't love that shine. So dainty!

Irregular choice lazy river mermaid edition


5. Swarovski Treasure

Why not accessorise with one of our Sterling Silver Neclaces with Swarovski Shells, they sparkle with colour but are dainty enough to be discreet if you are an under cover mer ;)

Swarovski Crystal Sterling Silver Shell Necklace

6. Shiny Accessories 

It's all about the iridescent so go for one of these shimmering mermaid clutches to keep your treasures in. Flash for a night out but neat enough to keep your treasures safe by day too.

Iridescent Shiny Purse


7. Stylish Shell Throne

How about draping your fine self over this gorgeous shell-like chair. Perfect! Available to order from Sweetpea & willow, these really are a little special. 

Venus Mermaid Shell Chair


8. Custom Art

Speaking of home, you've seen our new Mermaid Lettering Prints right? Hand drawn here in London and we even do custom ones if you ask nicely!

Mermaid Lettering Illustration Print


9. Makeup to Die For

Our resident mermaid informs us that the best makeup for shimmering greens and blues is Urban Decay's electric palette, as modeled by Facepaint Ninja herself and available to buy here. And the best thing? They are completely cruelty free too. You can check out some other amazing makeup looks on facebook too.

Charlotte Mermaid, Facepaint Ninja


10. Glittering Gown

We fell in love with this beautiful Elie Saab glittering emerald green gown (left). Sadly it's no longer available but we found this beauty by Adrianna Papell at House of Fraser and it's not far off the original for less than a third of the price #Epic

Elie Saab and Adrianna Papell sparkling mermaid style dresses


11. Lovely Locks

Can you get away with a bit of crazy colour in your day job? Then how about going the full monty with green & blue mermaid hair?! In this video the you can see a real life vlogger go from brown to blue, check it out before you take the plunge!

Dying hair from brown to blue mermaid style video vlog


12. Glitzy Details

Don't worry if that's too wild, you can still do this amazing trick with loose glitter. Muss up for those beach waves to mix up your sea loving style, texturise with salt spray, add a dash of wax, then throw a little glitter into the mix! Comb through for a subtle ombre sparkle or load up at the roots for a bolder statement.

Sparkly glitter hair parting


13. Mermaid Tails

Last but by no means least, check out these heavenly custom silicone memaid tails by Eric Ducharme. Quite simply the most stunning and realistic tails we've ever come accross, these beauties really are the pièce de résistance. You can follow their facebook page for more photo's and giveaways, and don't forget to tell them who sent you!

Mertailor mermaid tails by Eric Ducharme


14. Mermates!

And don't forget the most important thing, sharing the love with fellow sea-people!  

Glitter Beards

You can read more about these awsome fellows and their epic beard adventures soon, but for now, you rock your mermaid style however you please, you may be washed up on land but you'll never be washed up in life mer-child! #Mermaid Life Forever! <3


P.S We know there's more then ten BUT WE REALLY LOVE MERMAIDS!

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